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Patient Comfort and VIP Services

With Comfort Services and VIP Treatment

Patient Comfort and VIP Services

Keeping Patients Relaxed and Soothed During Dental Care

You are busy, and life can be hectic. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little extra special treatment while you are doing something for your health? We offer luxurious patient amenities that will make your visit to our dental office not only relaxing, but even rejuvenating.

We aren’t a spa but many of our patients say we feel like one. When you walk in the door, you are greeted with something you don’t hear very often – quiet. As you move into our tranquil atmosphere, you begin to hear the gentle sounds of soothing music and the trickle of our water fountain. Enjoy a moment in our comfortable sitting area and have a cup of coffee, tea or help yourself to yogurt, fruit or juice.

Once in the chair, you can leave your troubles behind while you sink into a tempurpedic cushion and watch a DVD on a set of movie glasses. If you prefer to fall asleep or dream, we have warm (or cool) lavender eye pillows and if you have any restlessness, anxiety or fear, our dentist can help you find complete relaxation with sedation dentistry.

Special Arrangements for our Out of Town Guests

We welcome out-of-town guests, and we will do all we can to help make your trip to and stay in Lawrence as convenient as possible. The following are links to area hotels, airports and restaurants that we recommend.

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