For a Relaxed Bite and Comfortable Dental Function

Find relief from your pain with TMJ therapy in Lawrence. As we evaluate your jaw joint function, we look for the most significant triggers of TMJ pain and jaw dysfunction. Once these triggers are found, we can use conservative and non-invasive methods to find an effective TMJ therapy for your pain.

Treatment for TMJ disorder is fundamentally based on the philosophy of restoring balance in the system between the teeth, muscle and cartilage discs of the jaw joints.

A truly healthy and comfortable smile begins with a physiologically sound bite. When your top jaw is aligned with your bottom jaw and your bottom jaw is seated in the sockets, your bite is in its optimal position and the muscles will be calm and relaxed. Your body can then adapt the components so that they can find a natural and stable equilibrium.

Our dentist in Lawrence can determine the optimal position of the jaw by creating an ideal bite on a device called an occlusal (or bite) splint. This occlusal splint is a therapeutic device that is readjusted until we create the best, naturally-balanced bite possible on the splint. Once this balance is achieved, a relaxed position of the head and neck muscles occurs, allowing proper stable repositioning of the jaw. More definitive, long-term stabilization may then include adjusting the bite through reshaping of teeth, repositioning of teeth or the rebuilding of teeth through dental restorations.

The Dramatic Results of TMJ Treatment

While the most significant and life-improving change our patients experience with our innovative TMJ remedies is in the cessation of pain and renewal of health, some also experience a dramatic improvement in appearance, comfort and function. Patients with recessed lower jaws may have a new profile. Areas of the jaw that may have protruded excessively may be pulled back in alignment. And, of course, any of the restorations necessary to correct the bite will be created with consideration to the appearance of your smile.

As always, we will work in close collaboration with you, the patient, to help you determine and achieve the outcome you most desire. Our unparalleled commitment to excellence will assure the finest long-term results possible.