1. Unsurpassed

    When my husband, Paul,  and I moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Lawrence 8 years ago, one of Lawrence's greatest assets was introduced to us through our neighbor.  With our very first appointment with Dr. James Otten we knew that we were in the caring hands of a true professional.  Jim taught us about dental health first and foremost, but was also amazingly gifted in the area of creating wonderful…Read More

    Marcia and Paul Swenson
  2. Investment was worth it

    I’ve almost forgotten about TMJ headaches. When I do remember, I cringe. They incapacitated me. My periodontist told me thirty-two years ago that my problem was caused by TMJ but there was nothing to be done about it. Surgery doesn’t work and biofeedback is somewhat helpful to only a few people. Another problem my husband constantly complained about was the grinding of my teeth every night. I …Read More

    Life in the Dentist Chair, Pat Kosinar, Draft 2, 6/19/07
  3. Exceeded our expectations

    Dr. Otten and his staff are wonderful. They take the time to explain everything that is going on. I feel like I have learned a great deal about my individual dental history and health. I feel free to ask questions and give feedback. Dr. Otten really goes out of his way to educate you and include you in the whole process. The practice has exceeded our expectations. The office pays more attention to…Read More

    Kimberly Anderson
  4. Always so welcoming

    I remember my teeth being uneven and crooked from my softball injury and badly discolored with shades not matching. They not only didn’t look good, they didn’t function correctly. I really feel as if I had lowered my standards for myself. Not knowing what was possible, I felt I could never have great teeth or a pretty smile. I was embarrassed and hid my smile a lot. Even early in the process t…Read More

    Jackie Dubois, May 2005