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Great to work with

When I started looking for a dentist, I wanted to find someone who could take care of all of my dental needs in one place. I found Dr. Otten office by doing research online and decided to become a patient. While I had never been to a dentist I disliked, I had never been to one that I truly “liked” either. Then I met Dr. Otten and his team. They took a real interest in showing me how to make ch…Read More

Chris Jones June 2009

Couldn’t be happier

Before I came to Dr. Otten, I had already experienced 19 surgeries to correct my cleft palate. Most of the reconstruction was finished, but now I was lacking the cosmetic and aesthetic result. Not only did Dr. Otten give me a beautiful smile, but I know he stabilized my mouth, which I’m sure would have collapsed had it not been for the work he did. I truly appreciated how much time and effort he…Read More

Christa Webster Summer 2008

Excellent work

I came to the practice because I knew Jim from a weightlifting class we took together. We spoke on a few occasions regarding an unanswered dental issue I was having that was causing pain and Jim offered to look at it for me. I wasn’t unhappy with my current dentist, but I was looking for full answers and knew I needed dental work. I had read that Dr. Otten was teaching, had heard from a few frie…Read More


Very pleased

I initially decided to come see Dr. Otten because I was dissatisfied with my current dentist and looking for a change. My mother-in-law was a patient of his and told me he was a TMJ specialist. After meeting Dr. Otten I decided to continue going to him for care because I could see how knowledgeable he is and he engenders trust where my previous dentist could not. Where other dentist were in a hurr…Read More

Cindy Drake 16 June 2009

Very happy with the end result

Though I have only been to about three other dentist’s offices in my lifetime before Dr. Otten, they all had a “bandaid” approach to my care. Do a crown here, fix a filling there. They didn’t look at my overall health and see the big picture. I wanted a dentist that would consider all of the factors when dealing with my oral health. I had heard friends of mine talking about Dr. Otten’s p…Read More

Marilyn Dobski July 30, 2009

Always very comfortable

I initially chose Dr. Otten when I was in my twenties by looking in the phone book, but I’ve stayed with him for 20+ years because he is always up on the latest techniques and technologies. There was a moment during treatment when I had my provisional restorations on and my wife was concerned about the appearance. However, all it took was reassurance that the final restorations would look so muc…Read More

Wayne Dickerson 10-27-2009

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for cleaning my teeth. You have been so nice to me. Everyone in your office has. I can chew on both sides of my mouth now. I’m not waking up with headaches anymore. The help from Dr. Otten and his team mean so much to me. There are some very good people in this world and you guys prove it.…Read More

Donated Dental Services Patient – Laura Sargent

State-of-the-art dentistry

Dr. Otten and his staff are all about 4-star state-of-the-art dentistry, service excellence and caring. Over the past several years, I have had extensive dental restoration, which is flawless, and since seeing Dr. Otten I no longer dread and despise the “dental experience”. You get the feeling that Dr. Otten and his staff only want to do their very best for you.…Read More

Sandy Brown

Staff made me feel “special”

For some time I had been considering cosmetic dentistry. Being new in the area, I asked my primary physician for a referral, stressing that I wanted the best, totally current and up-to-date. Of course I had all the usual apprehensions and “up-tightness” regarding the procedure and questions of whether the final results would meet my expectations. What needless worry! The minute I walked throug…Read More

Penny Newhall

Highly recommend Dr. Otten

I found out about Dr. Otten while reading a short article about him in the Lawrence Journal World. The article told how Dr. Otten was a specialist in TMJ treatment. I knew just by reading the article that he was very knowledgeable in this area of practice. I did not have any apprehensions about meeting Dr. Otten. I had been suffering from TMJ pain for years, but had not found anyone who understood…Read More

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