Very pleased

I initially decided to come see Dr. Otten because I was dissatisfied with my current dentist and looking for a change. My mother-in-law was a patient of his and told me he was a TMJ specialist. After meeting Dr. Otten I decided to continue going to him for care because I could see how knowledgeable he is and he engenders trust where my previous dentist could not.

Where other dentist were in a hurry, rough, ready to slap something in my mouth and send me out, Dr. Otten never rushes his time with me. He may have other patients, but he makes me feel like he has all of the time in the world to take care of my needs. Dr. Otten also makes sure to look at my health as a whole. Not just focus on my mouth, but look at the big picture to see how everything is related. He doesn’t rush me in and out of the office, he really takes time to explain everything to me.

While the care I received at Dr. Otten’s office was superb, I also loved all of the things they offer to make me comfortable during my appointments. Warm eye pillows, blankets, music. I am 100% satisfied with the care I have and will continue to receive at Dr. Otten’s. The experience has been even better than I imagined it could be.

Even though I live outside of Lawrence, I travel to see Dr. Otten and will always continue to do so. After my experience, the rest of my family has sought care with Dr. Otten and is very pleased. I constantly tell my friends what a great dentist is and that they need to go see him!

Cindy Drake