Very happy with the end result

Though I have only been to about three other dentist’s offices in my lifetime before Dr. Otten, they all had a “bandaid” approach to my care. Do a crown here, fix a filling there. They didn’t look at my overall health and see the big picture. I wanted a dentist that would consider all of the factors when dealing with my oral health.

I had heard friends of mine talking about Dr. Otten’s practice and could sense the trust they had in him. I had been long-time friends with the Otten’s and decided that I wanted Jim to be my dentist. I definitely had higher expectations of Dr. Otten. He improved the look and functionality of my teeth as well as addressing questions I had about gum tissue and general oral health as I aged and my needs changed.

Dr. Otten’s office is always a comfortable place to be. I knew I could always call anytime to talk about any issues or expectations. I am very happy with the end result of my care. I notice my great new smile in family pictures, especially with my grandchildren. People around me have been complimentary of my new look, though they can’t pinpoint exactly what had changed. This is just they way I like it.

I am glad that my treatment is over. I love the ease with witch I can clean my teeth. They are much easier to maintain than the provisional restorations. While there were no real surprises in my treatment, (Dr. Otten discussed all possibilities with me beforehand.) I was disappointed with the “extras” as they came up. Root canals and the ear pain I had which resulted in having a splint made. I also found the length of the appointments difficult, though not surprising. I experienced discomfort in my back during these appointments. In the end, these discomforts were minor compared to my happiness with my care overall.

Marilyn Dobski