Highly recommend Dr. Otten

I found out about Dr. Otten while reading a short article about him in the Lawrence Journal World. The article told how Dr. Otten was a specialist in TMJ treatment. I knew just by reading the article that he was very knowledgeable in this area of practice.

I did not have any apprehensions about meeting Dr. Otten. I had been suffering from TMJ pain for years, but had not found anyone who understood my problem or knew how to deal with it. I felt I had nothing to lose by meeting with him to get his opinion of my situation. I knew when I made the phone call for my first appointment that I had finally found someone who understood my TMJ pain. Dr. Otten and his staff were very kind and very understanding about the pain I was experiencing. On my first visit with Dr. Otten I received an appliance to use temporarily to relieve my pain. I was amazed and pleased with the immediate reduction of pain! After getting fitted and adjusted with my splint, my quality of life has improved greatly!

Compared to other dental offices I have used, Dr. Otten’s office is the most thorough, and he has the kindest and most considerate staff I have ever met. When I have talked to other dentists about my TMJ pain, nobody seemed to understand my situation. I was offered no suggestions or referrals.

I highly recommend Dr. Otten and his staff to others experiencing TMJ problems, and even to anyone that only requires thorough, dependable, dental care. The staff will spend time with you educating you on the best way to care for our teeth.

Sara Marsh