Great to work with

When I started looking for a dentist, I wanted to find someone who could take care of all of my dental needs in one place. I found Dr. Otten office by doing research online and decided to become a patient.

While I had never been to a dentist I disliked, I had never been to one that I truly “liked” either. Then I met Dr. Otten and his team. They took a real interest in showing me how to make changes not just telling me I needed to. In other offices I felt like there was a script being recited to me, but at Dr. Otten’s I feel they took care of my specific needs as an individual. I feel like I made a good decision in choosing Dr. Otten because he not only practices dentistry but also teaches other dentists. Dr. Otten is passionate about what he does and that makes him a better dentist. I was confident he would do the work right.

Although I did not have a specific picture in my head of what the outcome would be I was very pleased with the end results of my treatment. At home, after the work was done I stood in front of the mirror trying to see if I could pick out which teeth had been crowned. They look so natural and blend so well with my natural teeth that people close to me only see my great smile, but don’t notice that something has changed.

Dr. Otten’s team is great to work with. They were always willing to fully answer my questions and not give vague explanations. This made me very comfortable with my decision to have Dr. Otten as my dentist.

Chris Jones