Excellent work

I came to the practice because I knew Jim from a weightlifting class we took together. We spoke on a few occasions regarding an unanswered dental issue I was having that was causing pain and Jim offered to look at it for me. I wasn’t unhappy with my current dentist, but I was looking for full answers and knew I needed dental work. I had read that Dr. Otten was teaching, had heard from a few friends that they had a great experience at the office and I just had a general impression and confidence in his level of competency. I feel like I was right.

I liked everything about the process, the staff is so friendly and helpful, everyone in the office is courteous and has excellent customer service, and the entire process was very efficient. Also, the initial exam is very thorough. I feel that everything that could have been examined was examined. Nothing was ignored or glossed over. I was presented with an option to resolve and treat all of my oral health needs. Based on my experiences with any other offices, dental or medical, I was given many more opportunities to ask questions throughout the entire process. Dr. Otten’s office has a great sensitivity to the welfare of the patient in ways other offices do not.

Any anxiety I had about the finances were relieved by the staff’s willingness to help with insurance and work with me. I am so happy with the outcome, it’s really great and I’m very glad I went ahead with it. Before meeting Dr. Otten I was never told that the problems with my bite could cause long-term problems and could or needed to be fixed. I wasn’t even considering the resulting appearance, it was an unexpected benefit, and now I have the comfort of knowing that my teeth will be ok.

The best moment during my treatment was my last visit when Jim was viewing the final result and being able to see the pleasure he gains from doing excellent work and knowing the patient is satisfied with the outcome. It really gives you great confidence. This is an exceptional Practice; it stands out as a head above any other.