Couldn’t be happier

Before I came to Dr. Otten, I had already experienced 19 surgeries to correct my cleft palate. Most of the reconstruction was finished, but now I was lacking the cosmetic and aesthetic result.

Not only did Dr. Otten give me a beautiful smile, but I know he stabilized my mouth, which I’m sure would have collapsed had it not been for the work he did. I truly appreciated how much time and effort he spent perfecting my restorations to ensure my happiness not only now, but 10 or 20 years from now.

One thing I enjoyed was going to the office and the staff always knew who I was and were interested in my life and what I was doing, because I’ve had my fair share of Dr’s offices and that is not always the case. I always knew I was receiving the best care and that Dr. Otten wasn’t compromising anything. He went above and beyond regardless of time or money. I know he did much more than he originally quoted, though my fee did not change, so the final results could be perfect.

I receive comments all the time from strangers, friends and family about what a beautiful smile I have. Actually, two days ago while eating with a girlfriend she said, ”Christa, I can’t stop staring at your teeth, they look so awesome! I wish I had fake teeth!”

After waiting 23 years, I couldn’t be happier when I look in the mirror.

Christa Webster