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Temporary Office Closure (Effective 3/18/2020)

We are open for phone calls all week so don’t hesitate to call if you need us.

Dear patient family and friends,

First, let me tell you how honored we are to serve you and what a privilege it is to help enrich and enhance your life. It is at times like these when we are challenged to our core that we realize what a gift we have in our families, including you, our family of patients. The outpouring of heartfelt support you have voiced for my team and me is truly overwhelming and keeps us hopeful.

Because we want to do everything possible to mitigate the effects of this virus we are following CDC, American Dental Association and Kansas Dental Association recommended guidelines and suspending our practice for the next few weeks effective today (3/18/2020). We feel that acting in accordance with the abundance of caution approach is appropriate for all our protection in these uncertain times.

We also want you to know while we will not be scheduling patients for at least the next two weeks we will be here to answer your questions and provide any emergency services necessary. If you have an appointment in the next two weeks and have not been rescheduled please call us to do so and please feel free to call us anytime you have a question or concern. Additionally, next week we will roll out a virtual consultation schedule where you or anyone can visit with us online to address any questions you have about your current or future health.

Please follow the recommended CDC guidelines of sanitary measures, self quarantine and social distancing you have seen published to protect yourself and others.

While this is an extraordinary situation we will emerge from this stronger and better prepared for the future if we all pull together. We will be in regular contact to keep you informed at the highest level of knowledge we have at the time and how we will schedule to serve you.

Again, it is our distinguished pleasure to serve you and look forward to doing so again as soon as safely possible. Remember this will end and as always, at the end of this will be a great celebration filled with the beautiful smiles that we are so honored to be a part of. Don’t get stuck in the negative, keep the smiles going until then!


Jim Otten and team

A special message from Dr. James Otten
about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

What a week it’s been.

If there’s ever been a more turbulent time in my life I really can’t remember what it is. The fear of the unknown and the feelings of helplessness can pervade our psyche and cause us to feel unimaginable stress. Ironically, at these moments we need our loved ones close to us yet the most loving thing we can do is physically distance ourselves from many of them.

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