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Powerful Smile Brightening

Enhance your smile with professional teeth whitening!Our prescription-strength, take-home teeth whitening gels offer a powerful smile whitening solution that’s easy to use and creates a beautiful result.

Your smile says a lot about who you are. A big, bright, beautiful smile lets the people around you know that you’re confident and approachable. For those who are uncomfortable with their smile, teeth whitening has become a popular and relatively simple way to improve the whiteness of their teeth and brighten their smiles. Here at James Otten DDS, we offer take-home teeth whitening systems that are simple, reliable and effective for home teeth whitening!

At-home teeth whitening: If you prefer to whiten your teeth at home, all the benefits of an in-office, professional teeth whitening procedure can be had with a custom-fitted, take-home kit. Our cosmetic dentist in Lawrence recommends Opalescence teeth whitening systems due to their effectiveness and ease of use. Additionally, Opalescence can be custom-tailored to your sensitivity level and teeth whitening needs.

Opalescence has become the Gold Standard in home teeth whitening systems, due to the fact that they appeal to a broad range of teeth whitening goals. Each Opalescence treatment we recommend is custom-tailored to each patient’s whitening goals and tooth sensitivity concerns. Opalescence take-home teeth whitening treatments from Dr. Otten come in 10, 15, 20, and 35% carbamide peroxide concentrations, allowing us to send patients home with a kit that’s just right for their teeth whitening needs.

Take-home teeth whitening kits from Dr. Otten:

  • Prescription-strength teeth whitening system
  • Custom-made, take-home whitening trays
  • Available in a range of concentrations
  • Teeth shade guide
  • Custom instructions

Opalescence teeth whitening systems also contain a PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride) formulation to help lower sensitivity and improve enamel hardness.

Ready to learn more? Our knowledge of teeth-whitening systems allows us to provide a high level of whitening care to our patients in the Lawrence, KS area. Contact the office of Dr. James Otten at (785) 843-6404 for more information or simply fill out the form to request an appointment.

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