Patient Portraits

Each Smile is a Masterpiece

We hope you enjoy viewing the results of our work through the photographs below that we are proud to display for you, along with Dr. Otten’s comments. Just remember that while these all show how, by carefully planning, skillful technique and working in a trusting relationship, we can achieve these beautiful outcomes, the real beauty is how our dental care  has changed the lives of both us and the people we are privileged to serve. It is in this spirit that we approach all of our work and in it find profound meaning. It would be our honor to do the same for you.

By the way, unlike many websites, these are all accurate pictures of our work and our patients. Real people like you, not necessarily professional models and not glamour shots to make the contrast better. We feel the natural beauty shines through, and we don’t necessarily need lip gloss to make it better.


Trista came to us with many fears and anxieties about her dental care, she had been avoiding it for many years and was ready to restore her oral health. After a comprehensive evaluation, we created a plan that gave Trista the smile she had always wanted.


Chris came to us to help close the spaces in his teeth. After a comprehensive evaluation, we determined that by using Invisalign to re-position the front teeth, we could also “center” the undersized teeth as we closed the center gap. While other dentists offered 6 veneers as a solution, we preserved Chris’s natural teeth by using the more conservative solution of moving the existing teeth and placing 2 veneers.


Dan is a physician whose philosophy of health care, wellness and life is very much aligned with ours. Like so many of our patients, he had average yet disappointing results from his previous dental care and was looking for something more. We all love the way Dan’s smile looks with the precision veneers we built together with Dan and our team, including our master ceramist.


Emily is one of our most heartening success stories. From a traumatic car accident at age 18, she suffered a facial injury, lost 4 of her upper left front teeth and injured several others. After multiple surgeries, grafts and dental procedures, she was not keen about any additional dental treatment. Through a careful and thorough analysis and discussion, we agreed on a plan to stabilize her injured jaw joints, utilize the dental implants she had and restore her upper and lower front teeth to the best result possible. As you can see, we were able to achieve remarkable results. I won’t ever forget the tears of joy we shared the day we completed this transformation. It was healing for us all.


Many of our patients have been with us as long as I have been in practice, and Helen is one of those people. During that time, we supported her previous path of “fixing things as they broke” until one day when it was obvious this strategy was no longer working.

With a thorough analysis, we set about a plan to restore her mouth and you can see the wonderful results with her front teeth –but her back teeth look just as good! When you compare the 2 pictures, think of the youthfulness you see in her new smile. This restoration is now over 12 years old and looks as good as the day we placed the crowns.


Joe is someone who I knew personally for several years through our weightlifting class.

He had teeth that severely crashed together in the front. Front teeth don’t hold up with that kind of force so we used Invisalign clear braces to reposition the teeth and then restored the upper and lower front teeth with a combination of crowns and veneers to achieve a natural esthetic result. Since Joe’s work involves a lot of public speaking, it was important to keep his correct phonetics throughout treatment. This was something I was pleased we were able to do. Joe looks and functions so much better now and I fully expect a great long-lasting result. Like all of our patients, we are truly honored to serve him.


Sometimes our outcomes are even more profound and better than we ever expected. When Maryanne came to us, she literally said that her mouth was a mess. She also told us that she knew she needed a lot of work but was very anxious about having dentistry done. Shortly after starting to deal with some decay and gum problems Maryanne’s teeth started to look much better. She began to ask about also making them look better, and we designed intermediate restorations for her to “try out”. She was delighted but became very particular—something we didn’t mind at all. After working with her intermediate restorations for hours to get the perfect color and shape, we converted them to porcelain with a fabulous result. I get to see Maryanne and her lovely family around town frequently, and it makes me smile with pride and humility to see her smile so beautifully.


To say I was even surprised with this outcome is an understatement. Penny has lived a full life and in her late 60’s came to me because she always wanted beautiful white teeth. While she had been very conscientious about taking care of her teeth, the care she received was not. Remarkably, we accomplished this outcome with absolutely no surgery. I was able to estimate the natural shape, color and contours of Penny’s teeth from a few unrestored teeth she had left and we set in motion a plan to get this accomplished over the next 9 months. The results were astounding and I didn’t actually realize how much, until I took these pictures! Look how much her upper lip relaxed and changed from getting the shape of her teeth correct!! Who needs plastic surgery or injections!


Ron is a middle-aged gentleman who came to us with many dental problems. Unfortunately, he had to lose some hopeless teeth, but with the right combination of treatments and therapies, we restored his mouth to a youthful state and successfully replaced those missing teeth with permanent fixed solutions. After thorough evaluation and through bite splint therapy, a trial of intermediate restorations and some gum surgery, we were able to restore worn teeth, balance the bite, correct misalignments and create a natural, age-appropriate smile which by the way Ron shows off constantly.


Tina had virtually every dental problem imaginable, and her treatment was very complicated. She had had multiple restorations, root canals and surgeries, all complicated by a very poor result from previous braces. I knew we would have to have a trusting partnership to succeed. Through TMJ therapy and precision restorative care, we were able to create a beautiful, even, strong and confident smile. When our patients commit their trust to us, we feel even stronger about giving our very best. We are as happy as Tina is to see her smiling again.


We gave Pam her youthful smile back by restoring her severely worn teeth with beautiful crown restorations


We rejuvenated Jane’s smile by using exquisite veneers to cover discoloration and cracks.


Ron was ecstatic not only to have his smile back but also to have better function of his teeth after we restored them with crown restorations.


Angie’s goal to replace a missing front tooth while improving her smile, and her goal was achieved using a combination of porcelain veneers and a dental bridge.


By using the best technique in porcelain veneer and bridge restorative processes, we helped Tania create a naturally beautiful smile.


Frank wanted a smile that he could be proud of. After getting his teeth into ideal position, we used porcelain bridges and veneers to replace missing and restore wear. Frank has an exquisite smile he is very proud of now.


Through porcelain veneers, we were able to add length to teeth that were naturally too short to create an esthetically pleasing smile that functions very well for Brandon.


Years of grinding resulted in significant wear on Kevin’s front teeth. We restored them to their natural length by using porcelain veneer restorations.


Because of defects in his enamel, Scott didn’t smile often. Using porcelain veneers, we were able to not only improve the esthetics, but also strengthen his teeth. With the help of our cosmetic dentistry, his smile is now more confident than ever.


Barb’s goal was to get her teeth in good health before she retired. We helped her achieve this goal by using Invisalign to move her teeth into the ideal position, implants to replace missing teeth and restoring her back teeth crown restorations.