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Covid Prevention and Safety Checklist

Here’s just some of what we’re doing to keep you safe!

  • Our Covid19 Screening Documents, seen here are updated regularly and sent to our patients by email, text or fax prior to their appointment. Additionally we follow up for any changes 24 hours prior to the appointment.
  • We require all patients and others to wear a mask in the building, and we provide a mask if one is not available.
  • We request that patients not bring guests to their appointment, except of course an adult accompanying a child or helping someone with a disability.
  • We practice Social Distancing and have a limit of 10 people in office at any given time.
  • We have you phone or text when you has arrive, you are personally greeted at the entrance of the building by our team member and escorted into the office.
  • Your temperature and blood oxygen levels (through pulse oximetry) are taken at each appointment upon entry into the building.
  • Team members take their temperature and oximetry twice daily as well.
  • Hand Sanitizer and gloves are provided upon entrance and exiting the office.
  • All public areas in the office are cleaned and disinfected a minimum of three times per day.
  • Doctors and all team members all wear the appropriate PPE for all procedures as recommended by the CDC.
  • We use the Health Pro-plus HEPA Filter System for our procedures. These hospital grade systems trap and filter virus and other particles, and have special attachments that drastically reduce or eliminate aerosols at the source- right below your chin!
  • We use a fogger system containing the non-toxic disinfectant hypochlorous acid, (this is the same as grocers use to mist your fruits and vegetables) after each patient and several other times throughout the day which is more effective than bleach in killing virus particles. This also helps eliminate them from the air should there be any left as well being an extra step in surface decontamination.
  • All patients are personally escorted out of the office by a team member to practice social distancing by preventing unnecessary hallway interaction and close contact.
  • We will handle your scheduling and payments digitally or over the phone so that we can minimize time spent in our office and contamination of contact surfaces like credit cards, cash etc.
  • We are outfitting the overall HVAC system with ionizers to trap particles including viruses in the unlikely event they reach the heating and air systems.
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