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Philosophy and Principles

Philosophy and Principles

Our Principles and Promises We Make To You

At the heart of what we do, are the following six principles that guide all of our decision-making. They are not merely words on a page but carefully crafted statements that represent our collective commitment to you, which is to provide our very best on behalf of your best interest. All of us are committed to living these principles every day so that we can honor the trust you place in our dental care.

Client Empowerment

At our dentist’s office, we collaborate with you to help you determine the outcome you most desire. This partnership lets you stay in control of the process to ensure there will be no surprises concerning treatment, fees or your financial responsibility.

Quality of Care

We provide the best care we know how – care that’s accurate and based on the latest, most advanced scientific knowledge available. We will not compromise our exceptional quality for any reason, and our dentist will not begin treatment until we know the cause, effect and how to successfully treat your particular condition.

We seek the best in education for ourselves, and we work with people who expect us to be better today than we were yesterday.

Exceptional Service

We arrange everything to ensure your comfort while you are with us. We keep you fully informed, answering all questions on any aspect of our services, including time, procedure and fees.

We value you and your time. In addition, we make ourselves available for personalized follow-up and assistance.

Wellness-Centered Focus

We are interested in providing dental care for people who are serious about their health, and we will serve as facilitators for your health in any way we can. To this end, we generally encourage timely action because the longer treatment is postponed the more complex, expensive, uncomfortable and uncertain it can become.


We offer a warm, welcoming and safe environment, which provides you with a unique, personalized experience for the ultimate in comfort.


You are the expert on yourself, particularly on the outcomes important to you and the prices you are willing to pay for those outcomes. We are the experts on clinical dentistry. We do not confuse this distinction.

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