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Keeping You Safe

Watch this video or read below about the steps we’ve taken to keep you safe.

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How we are keeping you safe.

Hi, Everybody. Dr. Jim Otten here.

And I’m so glad to be able to talk to the camera today because I don’t have to have one of these on when I do it. And our camera person is far enough away where it doesn’t make any difference.

But we really want to make sure that everyone is being safe and cautious at this time. You know, we still don’t have a real good handle on this virus. And so we have to do our part to keep each other safe and to keep you safe as you enter our clinic.

So today we wanted to just show you the steps we’re taking and show you in action how we’re implementing the different phases of our entry point and how we’re keeping you safe. So we’re going to show you a patient walking into the practice and the precautions we’re taking. And I hope you find it helpful.


The screening process.

The first part of our process is greeting our patient. Our personal concierge goes over her screening questions with her.

In addition to an extensive questionnaire which includes all of the important screening questions, we also take your oxygen saturation levels as well, because we know that some patients that have Covid suffer from depleted oxygen saturation in their blood.

While temperature and oxygen saturation are important. Probably the most important question we ask is, have you lost a sense of taste or smell. And interestingly, that particular feature is 75 percent characteristic of a Covid positive patient, while temperature and oxygen saturation are only about 30 to 35 percent predictive.

The screening process
air filteration in Lawrence dental office

Air filtration system.

One of the features we have installed for your protection are these filtration systems.

And while by themselves they scrub the air of any particles that could be dangerous, these extension tubes allow us to place the tube directly in front of the patient’s face and turn the volume of the airflow up to 350 cubic feet per minute, which allows us to capture any aerosol and any vapor from the patient’s mouth.

The risk in dental offices is creating aerosols and having germs emitted, and while your mask protects you from emitting most of those germs, this vacuum system then takes over and collects any kind of pathogenic particles including coronavirus.

These units are said to be 99.9 percent effective in capturing coronavirus. And we’ve installed them for your protection.

You’re coming to a safe place.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how we implement some of the safety features that we’ve instituted into our office.

In addition to the things you’ve seen, we also fog the office after each patient with the hydrochloric acid solution which creates a fog in this entire room, which also captures and kills a lot of germs as well.

Also, if anything happens to get up into the air conditioning systems, we have ionizing units in there to prevent any kind of virus particles that could be still in the atmosphere from circulating through that system.

These are all things that we think are critically important in this challenging time. And we hope you find it comforting to know that when you come to the dentist, you’re coming to a safe place.

Thanks for watching.

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