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Implant dentistry is something that’s a very valuable tool in replacement teeth that can be used either to replace single teeth or an entire set of teeth that’s been lost.

Implants are like titanium screws that go into the jawbone, surgically placed into the jawbone. And then they’re left there for a period of time so that the bone grows into them.

We often can make dentures that attach to implants that are exceptionally stable. So people that have hardly any function at all with their dentures can all of a sudden have remarkably better function.

We want to make sure that again, the jaw joints are stable, the teeth fit together well, and hit very precisely. And then we can use implants in the places we want them in a very accurate manner.

It’s not about fixing the tooth, it’s really more about why did the tooth break. If I do something, will that solve the cause of the problem or will it just perpetuate it? And then, you know, the treatment is outlined in such a way that it really benefits the patient in the long run.

While implants are maybe the best thing we have to replace natural teeth, the force dynamics of implants and natural teeth are very different. We go to great lengths to understand those differences and to integrate that into the treatment plans and patient.

If I help you to get healthier, in the process, I’ll more than likely fix your teeth as well.

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