From Covid to Clarity – We’re here for you

What a week it’s been.

If there’s ever been a more turbulent time in my life I really can’t remember what it is. The fear of the unknown and the feelings of helplessness can pervade our psyche and cause us to feel unimaginable stress. Ironically, at these moments we need our loved ones close to us yet the most loving thing we can do is physically distance ourselves from many of them.

In times of great stress and loss Elizabeth Kubler Ross described five stages of grief:
denial, anger, depression, bargaining and lastly acceptance.

Grief doesn’t happen just when we lose a loved one, it can happen at any time in our life when we lose a measure of our health, our financial stability or when we are faced with an enormous crisis. Right now we have all those possibilities at once.

Throughout these phases there are things that we need for support :
First, we need good information and communication Over the coming weeks we are going to regularly provide you with information to help you through this crisis.

Next we also need emotional support from our tribe / from our community. We are reaching out to our colleagues and mentors in dentistry trying to put the best minds together to help us move forward. Do the same with your community but most importantly connect with those people you love after all you can’t say you don’t have the time.

Lastly, we need guidance and direction to move forward. I hope that you’ll find our communications like this to help you with that guidance to move to a better future and a brighter day.

Part of our responsibility to you and to each other is to help you with clear communication and information that can help you through this crisis. While we may not be in our office, know that we are always here to help and you can call us anytime for any reason. We will get back with you and help you through whatever you’re going through.

This isn’t about teeth, it is about smiling again, but right now it’s about us coming together and helping one another to find our way through the darkness. All along the way we will see glimpses of light and hope. Remember, today we are one day closer to the end of this, today we are one day closer to finding treatment, today we are one day closer to testing and today we are one day closer to a joyous celebration of how we, as a people pulled together with extreme empathy and overcame one of the most significant challenges in history. It’s up to us! We must act selflessly both individually and collectively to make it happen. God bless you and your family. Keep them safe and know we’re here to help.

Remember, only love prevails,

Jim Otten and the team of extraordinary caregivers

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