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COVID 19 and Dentistry Frequently Asked Questions

What are you doing to help contain the coronavirus?

Besides following strict CDC guidelines for infection control we’ve gone the extra mile to install things like HEPA Filter systems used during your appointment to remove the aerosols during treatment. Additionally we have ionizing units installed in our heating and air systems for the same purpose.

What is being done between patients to prevent contamination?

We not only follow strict CDC and ADA guidelines for disinfection we are also adding additional steps like fogging the treatment rooms between patients with a disinfectant fog. This disinfectant is hypochlorous acid and is 100% safe and a non-irritant. This same acid is used on produce in grocery stores and is harmless and highly effective, harmless and can be more effective than chlorine bleach.

Is it time for me to have non-urgent care?

Depending on your comfort level and desires each person is different and the decision should be discussed between you and your doctor. When you are ready, we are ready to provide you with as safe an environment as possible.

Are you limiting the number of patients so not to increase risk?

Yes and because we have always had a personalized approach with the goal of seeing one patient at a time, optimal infection control is a natural byproduct of this. We have reworked the schedule to minimize multiple patient contact and instituted enhanced infection control. The coronavirus doesn’t change our high standard care like it might in other very busy dental offices.

Will your office be enforcing social distancing protocol?

Yes, just like mask wearing we feel that social distancing is still one of the best tools against this virus. As a result, we are doing our very best to limit the number of people who enter our office and make sure we maintain the 6 foot spacing.

Why can’t I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Bringing a guest complicates this distancing and these limits. The exception is with small children but please have one parent only accompany the visiting child.

What if I can’t text you how do I get into the office?

You can call our phone line anytime before coming to the office and we’ll arrange a time to meet you.

How will my dental appointments be different?

At this time we may not be using some equipment like ultrasonics in hygiene that produces aerosols. We will be scheduling more time to implement the enhanced infection control procedures between appointments and we’ll be wearing more protective gear. Otherwise they’ll be pretty similar.

Will there be an extra charge for PPE?

We have invested more than $12,000 initially and will incur ongoing expenses for your safety. This is an investment for everyone’s health. Right now while economic times are also stressing our patients we will absorb these costs for your protection.

Why does everyone look different than they did before?

We have on more personal protective equipment to both protect you and us from the possibility of spreading disease. You’ll have a mask on except for the time we’re working in the mouth which prevents you from spreading disease to others.

Why do I have to wear a mask?

The CDC is advising and we support the use of face coverings/masks to slow the spread of the virus. This helps protect others from your germs. Remember you may have the virus and do not know it and may transmit it to others. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover.html

Is there a chance someone at the office has Coronavirus or someone has been in the office that is sick?

We are employing every possible measure to screen each other as a team and patients for symptoms including taking temperatures and blood oxygen levels. This helps eliminate those that have symptoms or signs of disease. We are screening patients in a three step process before their appointment as your health and safety are very important to us. Even so, because this virus can exist without symptoms there is always a chance that anyone can have the virus. This is why we are instituting strict infection controls for your safety.

Why are you taking my temperature and oxygen levels before I even get inside?

We take your temperature and pulse oximetry outside of the building to protect you and others at the highest level possible. We want to have a secure environment for all people entering our building, not just our office.

What has changed since my last visit?

We have instituted many changes to keep you and your family safe including screening, advanced infection control measures which include new equipment and protocols and systems. We’ll be glad to cover any of these in more detail and welcome your questions.

Why were these protocols not needed before?

Previous viruses like flu and colds were not as rapidly contagious or uncontrolled. As stated before this virus can linger for weeks without the person knowing they are spreading it so enhanced measures are necessary.

Will procedures take longer?

Yes, especially at first certain procedures may take longer but we never sacrifice quality of care for time and in this case your safety is what is most important.

What if I’m dropping off/picking up a family member?

We will be happy to pre-arrange a meeting time and place for you to drop off and pick up your family member. We are here to help in any way possible

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