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Cosmetic Dentistry

Naturally Beautiful Esthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

The Next Level of Care

When you think of cosmetic dentistry, do you think of big, white, symmetrical teeth that look as if they came off the super-star assembly line? Even the word “cosmetic” itself implies a cover-up, something that modifies or masks the natural state.

We offer something different – esthetic dentistry that honors your personality and your spirit and celebrates everything that makes you the extraordinary person you are. We are here to help you find your true smile that expresses the natural beauty in you.

Some people come to us to help them find relief from the embarrassment of discoloration, poor shape, crookedness, wear, breakage or previous fillings. Others come to us because they had very little say about the outcome of their smile and now don’t like the artificiality and lack of comfort and functionality. Some come because, sadly, their previous cosmetic dental treatment has failed. In every case, our experienced cosmetic dentist can offer hope and the renewed self-image that can come with a great smile. It’s what we call naturally beautiful esthetic care.

Naturally beautiful esthetic dental care starts with an in-depth comprehensive evaluation to give you a voice in and control over every step. Through this careful, cooperative and detailed approach to cosmetic dentistry, we form a plan to achieve your goals. We’ll include all the functional detail to ensure a long-lasting result!

Once the plan is agreed upon, we’ll design your smile on 3-dimensional jaw movement simulators, photographs, 3-D scans and any other tools necessary to preview the end result you desire. Next, we can build you a “trial smile” and beautiful intermediate restorations, which allow you to test the design in your mouth before we complete it in porcelain.

We are unconditionally committed to getting your smile right for you.



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“I remember my teeth being uneven and crooked from my softball injury and badly discolored with shades not matching. They not only didn’t look good, they didn’t function correctly. I really feel as if I had lowered my standards for myself. Not knowing what was possible, I felt I could never have great teeth or a pretty smile. I was embarrassed and hid my smile a lot.

Even early in the process there was a great improvement and that gave me hope. You and your staff are always so welcoming and accommodating. You kept me informed and I always knew why we were doing what we doing. Mostly, you were concerned about my feelings and made lots of sacrifices to get the smile to turn out so beautiful. You invested incredible amounts of time, were methodical and didn’t rush into decisions. It was always so obvious to me that you were genuinely concerned with me as a patient. You personally and selflessly invested so much into my care. Clearly, this was not just a “business” relationship. I felt part of your family.

This whole process gave me a beautiful, natural smile. I remember when I first saw them I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. They match my teeth exactly and no one can believe that I have had dentistry done on my front teeth. They feel and function great. People always compliment me about my beautiful smile. I can’t imagine even once having my old smile. You truly go far above and beyond and my whole family talks about it and appreciates it.

Thank you so much for my smile,”

– Jackie D.


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