James Otten, DDS - cosmetic dentistry in Lawrence

Make no qualms about it: the success of your dental procedure is reliant on the skills of your dentist. The results of cosmetic dentistry are dependent upon how talented and experienced a dentist really is. If you place your smile in the hands of someone who is without the necessary skills, then you are risking one of your most important assets – you smile.

Meet Dr. James Otten, your partner in cosmetic dentistry in Lawrence, Kansas. Dr. Otten has been practicing dentistry for almost four decades. A graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry (UMKC), he continues to further his training and expertise by undergoing continuous post-graduate education.

Prior to practicing cosmetic dentistry in Lawrence, Dr. Otten taught crown and bridge dentistry at the UMKC, where he was an associate professor. He also conquered two rigorous curriculums at the Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Education and The Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education. He shares his vast knowledge by lecturing internationally and nationally, as well as by volunteering his time to teach others about the satisfaction and happiness that he experiences through providing exquisite patient care paired with clinical expertise at his dental office, James Otten Dentistry.

A man of many talents, Dr. Otten is also a fellow of The American College of Dentists, as well as an active member of The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry. Similar to how cosmetic dentistry in Lawrence cannot be practiced by just anyone, these two organizations are also very selective when it comes to choosing their members. Potential members are nominated and thoroughly scrutinized before being selected to join the organizations’ ranks. These elite groups are in place to ensure that their members live and practice in a way that upholds the highest standards in dentistry.

Dr. Otten has gained a considerable reputation both regionally and nationally for his expertise in disorders of the jaw joints, as well as crown and bridge dentistry, implant restorations, complex bite problems, removable and partial dentures and naturally beautiful esthetic dentistry. As a further sign of his expertise and influence, his office says not a week goes by where another dentist isn’t calling for Dr. Otten’s advice!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a skilled dentist to count on for all your dental needs? Dr. James Otten possesses the necessary skills and qualifications to ensure you will love the results of your dental procedures, and you can trust you’re in good hands at James Otten Dentistry. Call us today, 866.986.5753 or visit www.jamesottendds.com to schedule a consultation with one of the best dentists around.