Stop wasting your money on whitening methods that don’t work!

We all want to have bright, white smiles and are willing to try different solutions to whiten our teeth, but unfortunately, not all whitening methods are made equal. In our last blog, our dentist in Lawrence talked about the ways that whitening toothpastes and whitening rinses fall short. Keep reading to learn about the other over the counter whitening options that are available to you:

#3. Whitening Strips

While it’s true that whitening strips contain some of the same bleaching agents that you can find in professional whitening solutions from the dentist, you should know that the ingredients in strips aren’t as potent and so they take longer to work and do not work nearly as well as professional strength solutions. Plus, whitening strips only come into contact with the front of your teeth and usually do not cover your molars at all, which means that they can’t remove stains as effectively as they claim to.

#4. Teeth Whitening Gel

Whitening gels are applied with a brush or placed in a tray that conforms to your teeth. The painted on whitening gel only works when the teeth are dry, which means that any saliva on your teeth can decrease the effectiveness of your treatment. Store-bought trays can also present a problem since they are not designed to fit YOU, they are a generic form. Oftentimes, people irritate their gums with the gel whitening material because of the poor fit of the trays . Also, like whitening strips, the whitening agents in these over the counter gels as strong as the agents found in professional whitening products that you must get from your dentist.

If you are serious about wanting a whiter, more brilliant smile, then it’s time use the whitening method that is the most effective and efficient – professional dental whitening. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.