Protect your teeth and your smile by learning about the bad habits that can harm them.

At James Otten Dentistry, we are proud to say that our dentist in Lawrence can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Whether you need your teeth whitened or you are looking for gum contouring, we can help! Once you’ve achieved a beautiful smile, you want to keep it that way for as long as possible, but unfortunately, everyday habits could hurt your smile. Check out our last blog to learn about a few habits that can harm your smile and your teeth, and keep reading to learn more:

#4. Rushing through brushing

Brushing is an essential part of your oral care routine, but most Americans do not brush for long enough. The average time that we spend brushing our teeth is 37 seconds! In order to effectively remove plaque from teeth to prevent gum disease and decay,  you should spend 2 minutes brushing twice a day.

#5. Using Your Teeth as a Tool

Your teeth have three uses: they help you talk properly, chew your food and maintain a beautiful smile. Your teeth are not pliers, hooks or scissors, and they should never be used as tools. Ripping opening a package or breaking off a tag with your teeth can cause damage to teeth if they are already weakened from other trauma.

#6. Flossing only when you have to remove debris

Many of us floss only when we have something stuck between our teeth even though we know that flossing goes beyond the occasional debris removal. It should part of your daily oral hygiene routine. With correct flossing technique, daily flossing will help remove biofilm on teeth that causes inflammation and disease. This is critical to maintaining healthy gums and preserving any existing restorations that you have.

We have just a few more smile-harming habits to go over with you, so please stay tuned for our next blog to learn more.