Does it really matter if you lose a tooth that no one can see?

The answer to the above question is a resounding yes! Approximately 70% of Americans say that they have at least one missing tooth, and in most cases it is one of the back molars that no one can see. While you may not need a dental implant in Lawrence for your appearance, it is still important to find a solution for your missing tooth because of the bone loss and shifting of other teeth that will happen down the road.

How does a missing tooth lead to bone loss?

The tooth sockets are located on the alveolar bone, and the alveolar bone needs stimulation on a regular basis in order to stay healthy. That stimulation comes from small stresses from the teeth, and without it, the bone volume will actually decrease over time. In the first year after a tooth has been lost, you could lose as much as 25% of the width of your alveolar bone, and you will continue to experience bone loss every year that you do not get the treatment you need. Too much bone loss can make it difficult to chew or speak, and it could even change the contours of your face.

While you may not need a dental implant for aesthetic purposes if you are missing a tooth in the back of your mouth, you do need a dental implant to prevent bone loss and shifting of adjacent teeth. Don’t forego the proper care just because you can’t see your missing tooth! Contact us today to find out if dental implants are the right option for you.