How does smoking affect dental implants?

By now, everyone is well aware of the dangers of smoking. We all know that it can lead to lung cancer, and it comes with many harmful side effects. Smoking can also affect dental implants in many ways. Nicotine can reduce the flow of blood to soft tissues, which can hinder the healing process and slow the immune system. In fact, the risk for dental implant failure is twice as high for people who smoke, because they are less likely to heal properly.

Should you avoid dental implants if you smoke?

Although the possibility of dental implant failure is certainly higher if you smoke, that doesn’t mean that dental implants are no longer an option. The fact of the matter is that every case is different, and while dental implants may not be the best option for every smoker, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t the best option for you. The overall rate of implant success if over 90%. To improve your chances of successful dental implant healing, it’s always a good idea to start smoking less or, if possible, stop smoking all together.

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