Lawrence aesthetic dentistry

It’s a new year – and a great time to get a fresh start and transform your smile!

Whether you want to fix teeth that are discolored, crooked, broken, missing, or have old fillings, or you just aren’t happy with how your smile looks, James Otten Dentistry, Lawrence aesthetic dentistry, can help.

If the idea of “cosmetic dentistry” has always scared you, don’t worry. We offer something different – aesthetic dentistry that honors your personality, your spirit and celebrates everything that makes you the extraordinary person you are. We are here to help you find your true smile that expresses the natural beauty in you.

James Otten Dentistry can give you hope and the renewed self-image that can come with a great smile. We call it naturally beautiful aesthetic dental care. Naturally beautiful aesthetic dental care starts with an in-depth comprehensive evaluation to give you a voice in and control over every step of the process. Through this careful, cooperative and detailed approach to cosmetic dentistry, we’ll create a customized plan to achieve your goals and your best smile ever. We’ll include all the functional details to ensure a long-lasting result!

Once the plan is agreed upon, we’ll design your smile on three-dimensional jaw movement simulators, photographs, 3-D scans and any other tools necessary to preview the end result you desire. Next, we can build you a “trial smile” and beautiful intermediate restorations, which allow you to test the design in your mouth before we complete it in porcelain.

We are unconditionally committed to attaining the perfect smile for you. James Otten Dentistry, Lawrence aesthetic dentistry, can help you get the stunning smile you’ve always wanted! Let us help transform your smile – and your life!

Every day, our patients tell us that their new smiles have changed them and given them renewed confidence and hope. Our personal, one-on-one attention and innovative dental care is not only transformative, it rejuvenates health as well.

As a dentist in Lawrence, Kansas, for more than 30 years, we practice dentistry that focuses on individuals and their wellness to create smiles that are balanced, natural-looking and full of life.

Call us today to experience the difference of a patient-centered approach! There’s never been a better time for Lawrence aesthetic dentistry. This month, we are offering a special promotion: Receive 15% off aesthetic services scheduled this month when you sign up for a FREE aesthetic consultation. Our FREE consult includes SMILE photographs, a SMILE review and a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Otten to understand what options are possible and which one will best fit your lifestyle! Transform your smile into something stunning and change your life – it all begins with a call to James Otten Dentistry, 785-843-6404, to schedule your quick consult. This is your year!