1. James Otten DDS - beautiful smile in Lawrence

    Here’s Why You Should Be All Smiles

    Why does a beautiful smile matter? Truth be told, it’s in your best interest to walk around with a beautiful smile on your face. We often take the simple act of smiling for granted, but smiling ofte…Read More

  2. James Otten DDS - tooth decay in Lawrence

    Can Bottled Water Contribute to Tooth Decay?

    Many think that tooth decay in Lawrence and everywhere else is just attributed to bad dental hygiene. While that may be so, renowned dentist Dr. James F. Otten talks about a probable source of toot…Read More

  3. Invisalign is for Summer

    Summer Is for Invisalign

    Summer is usually a time for hanging out poolside, enjoying cookouts and eating too much ice cream. It also can be a time of growth and transition, an interlude to the next year of school or the next …Read More

  4. James Otten, DDS - by teeth grinding in Lawrence, Kansas

    How Does Stress Affect Your Oral Health?

    Grinding your teeth may be a sign that you are too stressed – but often you don’t even know you’re doing it until the effects start affecting your health, including your oral health. Grinding yo…Read More

  5. James Otten, DDS - cosmetic dentistry in Lawrence

    Meet Dr. James Otten

    Make no qualms about it: the success of your dental procedure is reliant on the skills of your dentist. The results of cosmetic dentistry are dependent upon how talented and experienced a dentist r…Read More

  6. Healthy teeth in Lawrence

    Is Tap Water What’s Best for Your Teeth?

    More than $100 billion is spent worldwide each year on bottled water, and Americans spend nearly $12 billion annually on bottled water, according to National Geographic. But is bottled better than tap…Read More

  7. Oral Cancer Screening - James Otten, DDS.


    April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. This year, more than 51,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cavity or oropharyngeal cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Of those, an estimated…Read More

  8. It’s a Great Time to Straighten Your Smile - James Otten DDS

    It’s a Great Time to Straighten Your Smile

    If you have crooked, misaligned teeth, now is a great time to start thinking about getting them straightened. Crooked teeth aren’t just a cosmetic issue. Crooked, misaligned teeth not only affect yo…Read More

  9. We are not a drive-by dentistry - James Otten DDS.


    Dentistry has come a long way since the days of foot pedals, but there are still a few things that need to change, says Dr. James Otten, DDS. For instance, Dr. Otten said some mouths he sees at Otten …Read More