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Behind The Mask

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Another Chapter on Our Behind the Mask Series

Hi, Dr. Jim Otten again, and another chapter on our Behind the Mask series.

You know, one of the things that the mask has taken away from us is the ability to enjoy each other’s smile in a public setting. But isn’t it interesting that we’re able to smile with our eyes as well?

You can just tell by looking at someone looking in their eyes and seeing some of the rays, cheekbones that they are smiling even though the mask is hiding it. But it’s really going to be a great day when we all can share that smile again and we don’t have to be confined with a mask.

What do you want yours to look like when that day comes?

You know, it’s really been interesting to us that during the pandemic, people have spent some time and energy with us trying to help improve their smile.

And it’s been very, very rewarding. And they’ve done so because they know at some point they’ll be this great unveiling to the public and when when their smiles unveiled, it’s going to be just super brilliant and lovely.

And another thing that’s happened is that with people spending so much time on Zoom, they become more aware of what their teeth and their smile look like. So they’ve been, I’ve call it the Zoom effect, you know, the Zoom cosmetic dentistry effect where people have noticed things they haven’t noticed before.

And when we see things on camera, we look at it a little differently. You know, as we’re looking ourselves in the mirror every morning, we’ve gotten used to that. But a camera makes it different. It gives us a different perspective.

Let’s look forward to the day when we’re all smiling again and being able to share that with each other.

Pope Francis even said that was the most important characteristic of a person is a beautiful smile and a great sense of humor. So I’ll take him at his word that it’s a critically important thing. And of course, we believe that as well.

We can help you with any of those sort of things. If you’d like to just check in with us about what possibilities there are to help you with your smile. Be sure to just give us a call any time. We’re always here, whether you’re a patient or not, to offer advice and counsel.

So, I hope when your mask is revealed, you’ll enjoy the smiles of others as much as I’m looking forward to. And I’ll look forward to smiling back at you at that time.

Thanks so much.

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