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Advanced Care TMJ

TMJ Treatments and Results

Advanced Care TMJ

Treat Headaches, Popping Jaw and Pain with Balanced/Harmonious Dentistry

No one likes to have a headache. But everyone gets them. Sometimes they are so frequent or severe that they disrupt your life. Up to 80 percent of headaches are caused by tension – tension that often comes from TMJ disorder or “TMD”. Even without headaches, TMD can cause pain in the teeth, gums, jaws and structures of the face. It is frequently a component of neck and shoulder pain as well. TMJ disorder or TMD can also occur without pain and be highly destructive to the teeth and associated structures. Failure to recognize this can also lead to premature dental treatment failure.

We are here to help. We practice dentistry that focuses not only on the health of your teeth but also on the whole body, for healthy balance and harmony. Restoring this balance and harmony is extremely critical, especially before having other dental work done. It is so important to Dr. Otten that he has dedicated his professional life to understanding TMJ and teaching hundreds of other dentists about it.

If you are having TMJ pain, including tightness in your jaws, worn, cracked or breaking teeth, clicking, popping or difficulty opening or closing your jaw, tension or migraine headaches, we’d like to help you. If you have pain in your teeth and don’t know why, or your bite seems to shift, it is important that you have us evaluate you ti see if we can treat you with gentle, non-invasive TMJ treatment for restored health and proper function.

We find the most significant triggers for your pain, and then use conservative methods to find and treat the layers of pain or prevent them from starting.

Symptoms of TMJ

If you suffer from TMJ disorder, you know how awful it can be. Muscle fatigue and spasms not only cause pain in the muscles but can also lead to spasms in the head and neck… Read more

Diagnosing TMJ

Since all effective care begins with careful evaluation, the end of suffering from TMJ disorder starts with an exacting and detailed analysis of your condition. Our advanced technology makes diagnosing TMJ disorder as accurate as scientifically possible… Read more

TMJ Treatment and Results

As we evaluate your jaw joint function, we look for the most significant triggers of TMJ pain and jaw dysfunction. Once these triggers are found, we can use conservative and non-invasive methods to find an effective TMJ therapy for your pain…. Read more

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TMJ Fact Sheet

TMJ Fact Sheet


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