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Patient Testimonials

Satisfied Patients Say it Best


I remember my teeth being uneven and crooked from my softball injury and badly discolored with shades not matching. They not only didn’t look good, they didn’t function correctly. I really felt as if I had lowered my standards for myself. Not knowing what was possible, I felt I could never have great teeth or a pretty smile. I was embarrassed and hid my smile a lot.

Even early in the process there was a great improvement, and that gave me hope. You and your staff are always so welcoming and accommodating. You kept me informed and I always knew why we were doing what we doing. Mostly, you were concerned about my feelings and made lots of sacrifices to get the smile to turn out so beautifully. You invested incredible amounts of time, were methodical and didn’t rush into decisions. It was always so obvious to me that you were genuinely concerned with me as a patient. You personally and selflessly invested much into my care. Clearly, this was not just a “business” relationship. I felt part of your family.

This whole process gave me a beautiful, natural smile. I remember when I first saw my restored teeth, I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. They match my teeth exactly and no one can believe that I have had dentistry done on my front teeth. They feel and function wonderfully. People always compliment me about my beautiful smile. I can’t imagine even once having my old smile. You truly go far above and beyond – my whole family talks about it and appreciates it.

Thank you so much for my smile.


Dr. Otten and his staff are wonderful. They take the time to explain everything that is going on. I feel that I have learned a great deal about my individual dental history and health and I feel free to ask questions and give feedback.

Dr. Otten really goes out of his way to educate and include you in the whole process. The practice has exceeded our expectations. The office pays so much more attention to detail than other practices we were being treated at prior to seeing Dr. Otten. We thought we had good dentistry before but there simply is no comparison.


I’ve almost forgotten about TMJ headaches. When I do remember, I cringe. They incapacitated me. My periodontist told me thirty-two years ago that my problem was caused by TMJ but there was nothing to be done about it. Surgery doesn’t work and biofeedback is somewhat helpful to only a few people.

Another problem my husband complained about constantly was the nightly grinding of my teeth. I told him this was why I was so calm and collected by day. I did wonder what was going on and whether I was doing long-term damage to my teeth. Duh. Of course I was.

So I lived with it all until I moved to Kansas and ended up in Jim Otten’s office. He gave me a long, detailed, scientifically correct explanation of how TMJ occurs, what dentistry has learned about it, and how it can be arrested and reversed, without involving surgery. Still, I worried about the cost.

At the same time my old periodontist was echoing in my head and he was joined in the chorus by my new Kansas periodontist. They both said I would lose my teeth. So I decided to take Jim seriously and give it a try. (But only after I called my cousin, the board-certified oral surgeon in Atlanta, who said, “Everything that Jim is telling you is true.”)

Yes, it was a long process. Yes, it was an investment in the process of stabilizing my jaw and restoring my teeth. But I don’t have the headaches anymore. (It’s been five years now.) And the damage I’ve been doing all my life to my teeth has been arrested. I feel better. And I look better. (I do remember noticing the teeth of older friends and thinking, I don’t want my mouth to look like that.) The investment was worth it. I’ll be smiling a lot through my eighties-and eating corn on the cob.

Marcia and Paul

When my husband, Paul, and I moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Lawrence 8 years ago, one of Lawrence’s greatest assets was introduced to us through our neighbor. At our very first appointment with Dr. James Otten we knew that we were in the caring hands of a true professional.

Jim taught us about dental health first and foremost, but was also amazingly gifted in creating wonderful smiles for us in the process. His concern for the comfort of his patients is exemplary, not only because of his vast knowledge of what is current in dentistry, but also by providing a serene setting and a skilled and accommodating staff, which also includes his wife, Vickie. Jim and Vickie are not only wonderful dental professionals, but also two of the most authentic people that we have come to know. Their graciousness and concern for the community of Lawrence is unsurpassed in our experience.


I found out about Dr. Otten while reading a short article about him in the Lawrence Journal World. The article told about Dr. Otten’s a specialty in TMJ treatment. I knew just by reading the article that he was very knowledgeable.

I did not have any apprehensions about meeting Dr. Otten. I had been suffering from TMJ pain for years, but had not found anyone who understood my problem or knew how to deal with it. I felt I had nothing to lose by meeting with him to get his opinion of my situation. I knew when I made the phone call for my first appointment that I had finally found someone who understood my TMJ pain. Dr. Otten and his staff were very kind and very understanding about the pain I was experiencing. On my first visit with Dr. Otten I received an appliance to use temporarily to relieve my pain. I was amazed and pleased with the immediate reduction of pain! After getting fitted and adjusted with my splint, my quality of life has improved greatly!

Compared to other dental offices I have used, Dr. Otten’s office is the most thorough, and he has the kindest and most considerate staff I have ever met. When I have talked to other dentists about my TMJ pain, nobody seemed to understand my situation. I was offered no suggestions or referrals.

I highly recommend Dr. Otten and his staff to others experiencing TMJ problems, and even to anyone that only requires thorough, dependable, dental care. The staff will spend time with you educating you on the best way to care for our teeth.


For some time I had been considering cosmetic dentistry. Being new in the area, I asked my primary physician for a referral, stressing that I wanted the best, totally current and up-to-date dentist.

Of course I had all the usual apprehensions and “up-tightness” regarding the procedure and questions of whether the final results would meet my expectations.

What needless worry! The minute I walked through the door, apprehension melted away. Dr. Otten and his wonderful staff made me feel “special”, relaxed and comfortable. Would I recommend Dr. Otten to others? Absolutely!


Dr. Otten and his staff are all about 4-star, state-of-the-art dentistry, service, excellence and caring. Over the past several years, I have had extensive yet flawless dental restoration, and since seeing Dr. Otten I no longer dread and despise the “dental experience.” You always get the feeling that Dr. Otten and his staff only want to do their very best for you.


(Laura is one of our patients who we care for through the Donated Dental Services program that helps those in need find badly needed care. We are proud to be able to help her and others and are gratified when we can help “lift someone up” through our care)

Thank you so much for teaching me how to clean my teeth. You have been so nice to me. Everyone in your office has. I can chew on both sides of my mouth now. I’m not waking up with headaches anymore. The help from Dr. Otten and his team mean so much to me. There are some very good people in this world and you guys prove it.


I initially chose Dr. Otten when I was in my twenties by looking in the phone book, but I’ve stayed with him for 20 years or more because he is always up on the latest techniques and technologies.

There was a moment during treatment when I had my provisional restorations on and my wife was concerned about the appearance. However, all it took was reassurance that the final restorations would look so much better because of the aesthetic properties of the porcelain. Now that I have the porcelain restorations my wife and I couldn’t be more pleased. They are even better than our expectations.

In the past I have referred people I know to Dr. Otten and I will most definitely continue to do so in the future. I am very glad I had the work done.


I initially decided to come see Dr. Otten because I was dissatisfied with my current dentist and looking for a change. My mother-in-law was a patient of his and told me he was a TMJ specialist. After meeting Dr. Otten I decided to continue going to him for care because I could see how knowledgeable he is. He engenders trust where my previous dentist could not.

Where other dentists were in a hurry, rough, ready to slap something in my mouth and send me out, Dr. Otten never rushes with me. He may have other patients, but he makes me feel like he has all of the time in the world to take care of my needs.

Dr. Otten also makes sure to look at my health as a whole. He doesn’t just focus on my mouth, but looks at the big picture to see how everything is related. He doesn’t rush me in and out of the office – he takes time to explain everything to me.

While the care I received at Dr. Otten’s office was superb, I also loved all of the things they offer to make me comfortable during my appointments – warm eye pillows, blankets, music. I am 100% satisfied with the care I have and will continue to receive at Dr. Otten’s. The experience has been even better than I imagined it could be.

Even though I live outside of Lawrence, my family and I travel to see Dr. Otten and will always continue to do so. After my experience, the rest of my family has sought care with Dr. Otten and is very pleased. I constantly tell my friends what a great dentist is and that they need to go see him!


When I started looking for a dentist, I wanted to find someone who could take care of all of my dental needs in one place. I found Dr. Otten’s office by doing research online and decided to become a patient.

While I had never been to a dentist I disliked, I had never been to one that I truly “liked” either. Then I met Dr. Otten and his team. They took a real interest in showing me how to make changes not just telling me I needed to. In other offices I felt like there was a script being recited to me, but at Dr. Otten’s I felt they took care of my specific needs as an individual. I feel like I made a good decision in choosing Dr. Otten because he not only practices dentistry but also teaches other dentists. Dr. Otten is passionate about what he does and that makes him a better dentist. I was confident he would do the work right.

Although I did not have a specific picture in my head of what the outcome would be I was very pleased with the results of my treatment. At home, after the work was done, I stood in front of the mirror trying to see if I could pick out which teeth had been crowned. They look so natural and blend so well with my natural teeth that people close to me only see my great smile, but don’t notice that something has changed.

Dr. Otten’s team is great to work with. They were always willing to fully answer my questions and not give vague explanations. This made me very comfortable with my decision to have Dr. Otten as my dentist.


I came to the practice because I knew Jim from a weightlifting class we took together. We spoke on a few occasions regarding an unanswered dental issue I was having that was causing pain and Jim offered to look at it for me. I wasn’t unhappy with my current dentist, but I was looking for full answers and knew I needed dental work. I had read that Dr. Otten was teaching, had heard from a few friends that they had a great experience at the office and I just had a general impression and confidence in his level of competency.

I liked everything about the process: The staff is so friendly and helpful, everyone in the office is courteous and has excellent customer service, and the entire procedure was very efficient. Also, the initial exam is very thorough. I feel that everything that could have been examined was examined. Nothing was ignored or glossed over. I was presented with an option to resolve and treat all of my oral health needs. Based on my experiences with any other offices, dental or medical, I was given many more opportunities to ask questions throughout the entire process. Dr. Otten’s office has a great sensitivity to the welfare of the patient in ways other offices do not. Any anxiety I had about the finances were relieved by the staff’s willingness to help with insurance and to work with me.

I am so happy with the outcome – it’s really great and I’m very glad I went ahead with it. Before meeting Dr. Otten I was never told that the problems with my bite could cause long-term problems and could – or needed to be – fixed. I wasn’t even considering the resulting appearance. That was an unexpected benefit. Now I have the comfort of knowing that my teeth will be ok.

The best moment during my treatment was my last visit when Jim was viewing the final result and being able to see the pleasure he gains from doing excellent work and knowing the patient is satisfied with the outcome. It really gives you great confidence. This is an exceptional practice; it stands heads above any other.


Before I came to Dr. Otten, I had already experienced 19 surgeries to correct my cleft palate. Most of the reconstruction was finished, but now I was lacking the cosmetic and aesthetic result.

Not only did Dr. Otten give me a beautiful smile, but I know he stabilized my mouth, which I’m sure would have collapsed had it not been for the work he did. I truly appreciated how much time and effort he spent perfecting my restorations to ensure my happiness not only now, but 10 or 20 years from now.

One thing I enjoyed was that the staff always knew who I was, and were interested in my life and what I was doing. I’ve had my fair share of doctor’s offices and that is not always the case. I knew I was receiving the best care and that Dr. Otten wasn’t compromising anything. He went above and beyond regardless of time or money. I know he did much more than he originally quoted, though my fee did not change, so the final results could be perfect.

I receive comments all the time from strangers, friends and family about what a beautiful smile I have. Actually, two days ago while eating with a girlfriend she said,”Christa, I can’t stop staring at your teeth, they look so awesome!”

After waiting 23 years, I couldn’t be happier when I look in the mirror.